Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Take a brief minute to review your eligibility. If you are not sure of your eligibility, contact us at 775.284.9434 and one of our friendly associates will assist you. ACP is a federal government program that provides you a benefit on home broadband internet service for eligible households by providing a credit of up to $30 per month.


STEP 1: Go to

Apply for eligibility.  Once you are approved, continue to step 2. (You will need your application number)


STEP 2: Read the information below, sign and fill out the bottom.


STEP 3: Contact SkyFiber Internet  at 775.284.9434, to sign up for service.  If you are a current customer you still are REQUIRED to contact us and inform us that you have qualified for this program.



As either a current or new customer of SkyFiber Internet, Inc. (“SkyFiber Internet”), by signing below, you have consented to receive broadband Internet access service from SkyFiber Internet at a discounted rate funded by the federally-sponsored Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).


In connection with enrolling in the ACP Program and receiving a reduced rate through SkyFiber Internet, SkyFiber Internet notifies you of the following:


  • The ACP Program is a federal government program that reduces your broadband Internet access service bill. To establish your eligibility for the ACP Program, SkyFiber Internet must provide the following information about you to a national database administrator: 
    • your full name;
    • your full residential address;
    • your date of birth;
    • the telephone number associated with your broadband Internet access service;
    • the date on which the ACP Program discount was initiated.
    • the date on which the ACP Program discount was terminated (when that occurs);
    • the amount of ACP Program support being sought for you; and
    • the information that establishes your qualification for the ACP Program.


ACP Terms and Conditions


  • The benefit from the ACP Program may be applied to any broadband Internet access service speed offered by SkyFiber.
  • You may obtain broadband Internet access service supported by the ACP Program from any participating provider of your choosing which serves your household.
  • SkyFiber may disconnect your ACP-supported service after 90 consecutive days of non-payment.
  • You may file any complaints against a provider via the FCC’s Consumer Complaint Center.



Transfer Services to another ACP Provider


  • You may transfer your ACP Program benefit to another participating provider which serves your household at any time.
  • You will be subject to Sky Fiber’s undiscounted rates and general terms and conditions if the ACP program ends and if you transfer your ACP benefit to another provider but continues to receive service from SkyFiber.
  • Each household is limited to one ACP transfer transaction per service month with limited exceptions to reverse an improper transfer or address situations impacting the household’s receipt of ACP supported services from a particular provider.

Acknowledgement, affirmation and consent by customer:


By signing below, I acknowledge receipt of the information specified above regarding the ACP Program.   I hereby consent to SkyFiber Internet providing the information described above to the national database administrator and applying the Affordable Connectivity Program to the broadband Internet access service that I receive from SkyFiber Internet.  Other than the rate charged for broadband Internet access services and the above stated ACP Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions specified in the Internet Service Agreement with SkyFiber Internet shall continue to apply during the period in which my bill is reduced by the ACP Program.

ACP Consent Form

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